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assata slimming

assata slimming Fragment gratuit Carte electronică 11,99 USD With attitude and inspiration, this lifestyle guide shows black women how they can be healthy, hippy, and happy by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes as part of an active lifestyle. Encouraging readers to think about the foods they choose and what their choices mean to overall health, the manual shows that a diet of meat, fish, fowl, dairy, and refined grains is hazardous not only to human bodies but also to the planet and animals.

With its much-needed nutritional analysis, the book also" "offers practical advice about how to transition to vegan foods; delicious and nutritious recipes; a comprehensive grocery shopping list for restocking the fridge and pantry; recommended resources; and inspirational vegetarian quotes from famous African Americans, including Oprah Winfrey, Alice Walker, Angela Bassett, Erykah Badu, Russell Simmons, and Dick Gregory.

She is the founding director of the assata slimming first federally funded vegan nutrition program and has been involved in legislation for vegan rights.

assata slimming

She also is a contributing writer for Heart and Soul -- the largest health and fitness magazine for African American women. She lives in Washington, DC. Afișați mai mult.

assata slimming